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And relax… The walkers stop for a day of well earned rest!

Posted on: 17th April, 2019

It’s been a hard four days of walking for our trio of walkers and the many others that joined them along the way. Today they have a well earned day of rest scheduled in Norwich so here’s a mini photo story of the walk so far!

We’re walking too fast!

The speed cameras have their lens on our walkers!


Funding costs take a hit!

The walkers have to cross the Denver Sluice Bridge and it comes at a cost.


Not to worry, our walkers got across the bridge without paying! Cheeky!


The trio were joined by some of the lads at Milbank Ltd. They took part in the walk from Cambridge to Littleport. That’s 26 miles! Milbank have also been incredible generous and donated a heft £1000 to the cause! Thank you for your support Milbank!


And we can’t forget the furry friends the walkers have met along the way! These cuties may not have been taking part in the sponsored walk but they definitely brightened up the day. Look at those little faces!


A little bit of motivation.


Shortcuts. Literally!


One of our lovely day 3 walkers is definitely in the 200 for 200 spirit!


Taking in the wonderful sights along the way. And look at that cheeky grin! Keep on walking Tony!


Quick toilet stop at the Premier Inn. Shame there’s no doors around the toilet! Better than the wild outdoors though, right Dawn?


Watch out walkers!


There are some lovely views along the route.


Some of our lovely day 4 walkers taking a selfie with Tony. Smile everyone!


Time for a quick pint? Always. Too bad they don’t have our 200th Anniversary Beer on tap. Trapdoor is now available in the Greene Room Bar so make sure you get some on your next visit! (And don’t forget to get it in one of our 200th Anniversary Beer glasses!)


That’s it so far folks, just over 100 miles done and 100 or so left to go. Now it’s time for our walkers to rest up before they set off on the final half of the walk. Don’t forget to keep your eye on our social media too for some fun videos and photos of the journey.

The walk takes place over 10 days and follows the historic route of the Norwich Circuit of Players. If you would like to sponsor Tony, Dawn, Margaret and the other walkers on their journey, head on over to the JustGiving Page!

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