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Around the World in Eighty Days On Demand FAQs

Posted on: 18th June, 2021


Here’s some tips and tricks to get the best viewing experience:

What’s the ideal browser to use?

We recommend using the browser that gives you the quickest speeds for your everyday use. Our top choices are Google Chrome and Safari.

Having trouble viewing ? Try these steps to fix your stream:

  1. Pause the video for a few minutes to allow it to load more fully.
  2. We recommend lowering the resolution on the video. When you click “Watch Now”, you will see the video page open up. If you hover your mouse over the video, you should see “auto” on the bottom of the video player. You can change the resolution to 720p or lower.
  3. Try refreshing your browser. Don’t forget to click the play button after it reloads.
  4. Try switching to a different browser.
  5. Try using the browser under ‘incognito/private’ mode.
  6. Try disabling ad-blocking software or browser plugins
  7. Try a different device.
  8. Go to speedtest.net and test your internet bandwidth. You’ll want at least 2Mbps to view the video

Which devices can I use to stream?

The platform works on mobile phones, computers, tablets and smart TVs (with a web browser). If you have any of those, you can watch! 

Can I watch the show on my TV, or do I have to watch on my computer?

We’d love for you to cast the show to your big screen! The easiest option is to use Chrome Casting, AirPlay or screen mirroring to play the stream from your phone, laptop or other device to your TV. You might see a slight decrease in quality with this option. You can also use an HDMI cable to connect your computer to the TV.

If your TV can access a web browser, you can open that browser and log into your email. From there, you can open the email containing the link and click on your link to stream. If you have trouble streaming on an older TV, you may have better luck switching to an alternate device.

Here is a list of steps for some common casting setups.

Unfortunately, due to the sheer number and variations of smart TVs and smart TV software, we aren’t able to troubleshoot individual hardware issues.

Enjoy the show!


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