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BSEAODS Into The Woods Update!

Posted on: 27th September, 2017

Today we had a delightful tramp in the woods with our lovely photographer Debbie who with our fab publicity team, had some great ideas about character promotional photographs. We are so lucky to have so many lovely people who give up their time behind the scenes. I can’t wait to see how they turn out!

I’m in the middle of a rehearsal writing this and at the moment we are running act two, having run act one last night and its shaping up nicely, thank you! It’s such a company piece, we are just starting to slot together scenes which have been rehearsed out of sequence, so every now and again a fellow cast member will say what I’m thinking, ‘whats next?’ And we both go back to scripts to check, these occasions are becoming fewer though…a good sign!

Sondheim is so challenging to perform, but it’s so much fun when you are able to sit back and listen to his wonderful songs, sung by the most beautiful voices and they (disgustingly!) make it sound so easy! I’m so excited to hear his fabulous orchestrations with our amazing band come show week.

Though rehearsals are complicated, we still find time for a ridiculous amount of fun! Take tonight for example; Frazer, our Cinderellas Prince has just performed the two princes scene and duet by himself, too’ing and fro’ing as one prince then the other! Which was just hilarious and impressive!! I have also had a ‘fluffy bunny’ marshmallow challenge with Max who plays Jack, for Katy’s ‘Rapunzels Challenge’ facebook blog for the show. From your blank look, let me educate you…it is a challenge in which the opponents take turns to stuff marshmallows in your cheeks and say a phrase, whoever can no longer clearly say the phrase is the looser. And yes, I did win the challenge, but having a big mouth is not something I think you boast about!

Ooohhh, I’m due on in a few lines, so for now I’m signing off, but I hope you will join us for a ridiculous amount of fun on stage too when we perform Into the Woods, October 10th to the 14th! See you there!


Kate Steggles

Photo Credit: Debbie Singleton

From left to right:  Giant (Fiona Barker), Milky White (Jackie Strahm), Jack, Max Cunnell, Jack’s Mother (Kate Steggles who wrote the blog!).

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