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Bury Drop In

Posted on: 18th August, 2017

The Theatre Royal Associates Program have been working with Bury Drop In, a homeless service in Bury St Edmunds since November 2016. The theatre distributed cameras for homeless guests to document their daily lives in Bury and worked with objects that guests felt important to them to generate short monologues, led by Danusia Iwaszko, to be presented later this year in The Cathedral in Bury. Photographer Ed Crawford was actively engaged with guests for six months and was generously given access to their world which he documented during a three month process. This also inspired some guests to generate more of their own creative work. Will Crump became involved in an installation project he devised and developed with Ed using homeless people cut outs photographed across the town. This project he named ‘Cardboard Citizen’. The visual results are challenging and show clearly the daily experience of homeless people in Bury. The written text generated reveals hopes ambitions and causes of homelessness people in Bury face. This project continues until November 2017 and highlights the work of Bury Drop In and the positive role arts can play with homeless communities.

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