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Posted on: 19th April, 2017

Time is ticking on and Nathan has still not found a place to hold the crap game. We have looked high and low to find some place suitable, but I fear that the heat from that Lousy Lieutenant Brannigan means that our regular supporters are unlikely to want to help us out. Perhaps we need to be looking a little deeper …

All this walking around for Nathan is certainly hungry work. I do not think he appreciates just how tiring it is walking around doing errands for him; looking for a spot for the game, keeping an eye out for Miss Adelaide and trying to keep out of sight of Lieutenant Brannigan – it does not leave much time to ensure I am getting sufficient sustenance … it’s enough to make a guy faint!

Talking of Miss Adelaide, she sure is getting suspicious. Nathan seems to be spending more and more of his time trying to make her happy; for a doll who is constantly talking about getting married and having kids, she sure doesn’t understand that Nathan is trying to make an honest buck so he can make an honest doll out of her.

Anyway, it’s time that me and Benny get back to looking for a place – we hear that Harry the Horse is bringing down a friend from Chicago, and we wouldn’t want to make a bad impression – we have a reputation to uphold.
Before that, I think I might just have time to pop down to Mindys and get myself a piece of cheesecake, or a piece of Strudel … or maybe I might split the different a get a piece of each!

Nicely (Jamie)

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