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Guys and Dolls – Sky Masterson Blog

Posted on: 25th April, 2017

My name is Will Cahill and I will be playing the role of Sky Masterson in the upcoming show Guys & Dolls with the Bury St. Edmunds Amateur Operatic and Dramatic Society (BSEAODS) at Theatre Royal, from 9-13 May 2017.

Guys & Dolls is my third show with BSEAODS. It has also been my third COMPLETELY UNIQUE show with BSEAODS!
Starting with Legally Blonde this time last year and then playing Sonny from Danny Zuko’s gang in Grease last autumn, I joined a group that welcomed me with open arms. Those shows are two of the best experiences of my life and I still count it as one of my best decisions ever to go for that first show. Regardless of whether you get the part or not, each show has been so much fun with so many laughs and stories that it’s one of those things you’ll never EVER get tired of.
But now, Guys & Dolls. When I went for the part of Sky Masterson, I never thought in my wildest dreams that I would ever get the part. I was up against some truly talented people (who are also in the show) and I was sure that the part would go to one of them. So when my friend messaged me and told me that we had both got the parts we wanted, my mind went into overdrive. I still have moments now, months after I found out and only a few weeks before the show, where I will think to myself, “…I’m playing Sky Masterson…” and I’ll smile and give a little chuckle; I still can’t believe it.
This show is one of the classics and I feel we’ve really got something special for you. This amazing cast and crew are working their socks off to bring you the best show possible and they are not disappointing. From the high-energy, all-or-nothing numbers like Luck Be A Lady and Sit Down Your Rocking The Boat, to the more laid back yet still tender songs such as I’ve Never Been In Love Before and If I were a Bell, everyone should come to this show full of excitement and will hopefully leave with at least one song stuck in their heads! Get your tickets while you can!

Extracts from Sky Masterson:

Detroit, Illinois – “First stop on this cross-country trek. Started off simple: 10G’s altogether. Then some guy tried to bet me at cards. Ha…amateur. Obviously did not know who I was. This beginning shall be the tip of the iceberg.”
Chicago, Illinois – “Now this is more like it! 65G’s at crap games. Life does not get much better this. And the dolls, one on each arm every night. A guy might go crazy if he did not know his limits!”
Las Vegas, Nevada – Beautiful scenery in Nevada; a really healthful climate. Of course, the 50G’s I won at blackjack helped. Some doll hung on my arm the entire time. Soft eyes and long, blonde hair…I’ve always liked blondes; there is something about that colour that just sets something off. But anyway, one final stop before leaving the mainland…”
New York City, New York – “The Big Apple. With all the recent goings on with the police, I shall have to be slightly more careful. Perhaps this will be more of a passing visit. Of course, if there is some action to be had, there is one man I know I will be able to turn to: Nathan Detroit. Perhaps he will even want to come to Havana with me next. Well, if he isn’t still engaged to that doll Adelaide. Fourteen years is a long time for a guy to be weighed down by one doll! There is too large an assortment to pick just one. That man is trapped. But he runs one hell of a crap game. New York City, give me your best shot!”

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