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The Hub Befrienders Group

Posted on: 1st February, 2018

For a little over a year, Theatre Royal has been working with a group of dedicated performers, musicians, writers from The Hub Befrienders Group Bury St Edmunds. The group are devising a new production centred around a residential care home for dementia and depression sufferers. An ironic take on care home system – the group named ‘The Hubbers Mummers’, led by Associate Artist Danusia Iwaszko – have drawn together to devise this comic and moving portrayal of care home experience.

During a six month residency Danusia has guided the group to create rich and engaging characters, new writing and original music, whilst simultaneously increasing acting skills to develop a new piece of collaborative performance. The company are working towards their second performance at Theatre Royal and we are excited to invite them back into the venue to experience their take on this challenging subject.

I was allowed into the rich creative process to experience the groups approach to developing their new production. I witnessed a supportive community, where each contribution was valued and where the commitment to creative practice was as evident as the excitement, collaborative spirit and sense of purpose and dedication of all involved.

We look forward to hearing the moving writing, seeing the intense and very believable characterisation and experiencing the compelling new compositions  developed by The Hubbers Mummers.

The Associate Artist program is pleased to be working with this generous and creative group and having them return to the theatre in June 2018.



Lucinda Meredith

Associate Artist

The Befriending Scheme Partner

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