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Shakespeare Takeover Begins!

Posted on: 14th September, 2022

Our creative learning teams started their Shakespeare Takeover programme this week! Our wonderful team of facilitators head into local KS2+ classes to deliver workshops around curriculum-led works of classic literature. This year’s topic is Romeo and Juliet which is linked to their lessons including English, drama and art. Once all of our sessions have been delivered in schools, the students create a response to these sessions by performing a part of the literature on stage at Theatre Royal. We love seeing the performances as part of this project as some of the children have never been to a theatre before!

Each school will perform part of the classic Romeo and Juliet on the Theatre Royal’s stage to create one large performance made up from students from varying schools. Being on stage in our theatre is a great adventure for these students and also links into their history lessons by being in such an old building with a rich history.

Our takeover helps to get students involved and invested in classic literature and gives them a broader and wider explanation and demonstration of how it fits into society and why it’s important. By facilitating this with the use of acting and drama, it also gives students a new way to explore, learn and participate.

We have a performance of Romeo and Juliet from Debs Newbold which schools are encouraged to attend to add to their curriculum.

Find out more here.

Theatre Royal is proudly sponsored by Jaynic.


The Shakespeare Takeover Programme – In Memory of Gabrielle Woodward.

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