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The Walkers on Day 2

Posted on: 16th April, 2019

Day 2 for our wonderful, intrepid walkers on Sun 14 Apr (Dawn, Tony, Maggie, Julie, Jane, Trevor, Patricia and Ron) raising funds for Theatre Royal. Julia Read (Head of Development) waved them off in -1.5 degrees…brrrrrrrr…for the next leg of the journey. Thankfully however, they are undeterred by the cold start, and sustained by walker and cookie, culinary queen Julie’s ‘Scroggins’.


Here’s the recipe:

4oz salted peanuts
4 oz chocolate chips
6 oz dried fruit
1 can condensed milk
5-6 tablespoons crunchy peanut butter

Mix all the ingredients together
Dollop about a dessert spoon onto greaseproof paper, they don’t spread much so can go quite close together
Cook for 15-20 mins gas 4. Don’t over cook. Take out when golden.
Take off paper asap and leave to cool
Keep in air tight container

Tony definitely approves…

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