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Want to get involved with Irving’s Sister Act?

Posted on: 20th June, 2017

If anyone told me back at my university in Georgia, U.S.A. that I would be performing in musicals in England in a few years, I would have replied, “Maybe in my dreams.”. Yet that is just what has happened.  I recently had the honor of playing Laurey in Irving Stage Company’s production of Oklahoma!  It was a privilege to work alongside such talented and loving people.


I will say that having worked with theatre groups across several states in the U.S.and now in England, thespians are the most warm-hearted welcoming people out there.  It is amazing to think that no matter where in the world you are, you can meet extraordinary people sharing the same passion for theatre as you.


One difference between theatre in the States and here is the lingo.  We all have upstage and downstage and so on, but sometimes the character work or verbal directions take a moment to process  in the U.S. I majored in Performing Arts emphasizing musical theatre at Valdosta State University in Georgia.  There we were required to participate in weekly voice lessons, daily dance (covering social, ballet, tap, etc), acting classes, history of theatre, and backstage responsibilities.  I also took a dialect class where we had to learn RPA and Cockney for the British dialects and I am terrible at both!  Luckily the troupe at Irving keeps picking American musicals so I have not had to correct my failing.


I am very excited to start work at ADC Theatre Company joining the box office and bar staff  I have been box office manager for a summer stock company in Georgia and cannot wait to see the differences between home and here.  I also am continuing with Irving, directing the musical Sister Act, at the theatre this Autumn, and am very excited for that challenge and opportunity!  I am studying my old directing book and studying the show.  With the support of their amazing creative team I have no doubt it  will be an unforgettable experience. If anyone reading this wants to participate, the sing throughs will be July 3rd and 5th and auditions July 10th and 12th. Contact us via www.irvingstagecompany.co.uk


Thanks to both the Irving Group and now ADC Theatre for making me feel at home here in England.

Tess Smith

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