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Running time: 45 minutes (including any intervals)

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Marianne Levy: The Real Story of Being a Mother in The Modern World

Saturday 21st October

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Like grief or falling in love, becoming a mother is an experience both ordinary and transformative. But alongside the sleeplessness and wonder, the extent to which it can be profoundly destabilising can come as a shock. DON’T FORGET TO SCREAM is a frank, funny and fearless exploration of what it means to become a mother that confronts the psychological shifts that can overturn a woman’s sense of self. It aims to break the silence around the emotional turmoil that having a child can unleash and asks why motherhood is at once so venerated and so undervalued.

Marianne Levy will be in conversation about her book, considering the real story of being a mother in the modern world. Bold, humane and uncompromising, she writes with dazzling honesty about love and loss, rage and pain, heartache and joy. This is a book that mothers will be glad to have read – and will need everyone else to read, too.

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