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A Deep Sea End of Term Celebration: SENsory Youth Theatre Joins Forces with Corali

Posted on: 24th June, 2023

The SENsory Youth Theatre, our group dedicated to nurturing the talents of learning-disabled and neurodivergent individuals, recently concluded its term with an extraordinary celebration. Partnering with Corali, a renowned London dance company that works with and employ learning disabled artists, the event was filled with creative crafts and captivating performances. In this blog post, we’ll dive (pardon the pun!) into the magical world created by the collaboration between SENsory Youth Theatre and Corali showcasing the immense talent and inclusivity amongst our groups.



Drawing inspiration from Corali’s new family show, Super Hot Hot Dog, the participants of SENsory Youth Theatre engaged in a captivating exploration of movement and creativity. The theme of the underwater world served as a catalyst for the imagination as participants crafted colourful fish and delved into the magical depths of the sea through movement workshops.

One of the highlights of the celebration was witnessing the learning-disabled participants from SENsory Youth Theatre working alongside artists with lived experiences from Corali. This inclusive collaboration showcased the power of breaking down barriers and fostering connections between individuals with diverse backgrounds. The coming together of different perspectives created a rich and dynamic atmosphere where everyone’s unique contributions were valued and celebrated.

The end-of-term celebration was met with overwhelming positivity from parents and participants alike. The event provided a platform for the participants to showcase their talents, proving that when given the right support and opportunities individuals with learning disabilities or neurodivergent traits can shine brightly.

The presence of funders Gee Wizz at the celebration added an extra layer of significance to the event. Their support and belief in the mission of SENsory Youth Theatre underscored the importance of creating inclusive spaces for learning-disabled and neurodivergent individuals to thrive.

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