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  • The financial stability of the theatre relies on the support of our audiences in the form of ticket sales.  It is important for us to protect ourselves, our visiting companies and the livelihood of our actors, technicians, production, sound and lighting crews so please be aware of our ticket return policy.

  • We will do our best to seat late arrivals safely but it may be necessary to wait until the interval.

  • Our ticket prices are subject to change as the theatre fills, so book early to secure your favourite seats at the best possible price.

    To ensure the best experience for our audiences and actors on stage, often the Upper Circle and Gallery are not offered for sale until the pit and dress circle are sold. To encourage having the front of the auditorium full and to offer good seats at accessible prices, tickets in the front of the auditorium are often priced at £10.50 each.

  • We do not charge booking or credit card fees but if you would like to add a donation to support our work it would be most appreciated.

  • We regret to inform that we are unable to look after bags or luggage during performances due to having no secure cloakroom. Therefore, for security reasons we ask audiences to avoid bringing bulky items with them. We do have small clothes rail & luggage space where you are more than welcome to leave any coats or umbrellas but please be aware that this is not a secured area and leaving any items here is at your own risk.

    Cars left in car park. Theatre Royal is not be responsible for either your vehicle or its contents whilst it is in the car park.

  • Theatre Royal Bury St Edmunds is committed to being an anti-racist organisation. We recognise the critical role the arts play in our culture and national conversations and accept our responsibility to make positive change through our work, our practices, and our policies.

    We recognise that institutional and systemic racism exists at all levels and in all facets of society, including in cultural institutions, and that we must play an active role in addressing societal, systemic, and everyday racism both in our theatre and in our wider community. The theatre has a zero-tolerance approach to racism and condemns all racist and discriminatory behaviour. We are committed to challenging and dismantling structural racism within our practices, policies, procedures and our community. It is unacceptable that anyone in our theatre experiences racism or discrimination. Our Equality and Diversity action plan details the actions we will take as an organisation to begin this work. The action plan is a live document, updated and revised as our learning progresses.

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